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Biography [view PDF version]

Rita Hawley Scherer began teaching piano as a high-school student in Independence, Missouri. She continued to pursue her love of music at the University of Kansas where she graduated with honors earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Piano Performance. She taught both class and private piano at Kansas University and Baker University. In addition to university-level teaching she has taught preschool through sixth grade music at Oakhill Day School in Gladstone, Missouri, and in her piano studio in Independence since 1979.

For two years Rita studied at Princeton University in early childhood music education and Kindermusik. In 2002 she earned a Master Teacher Certification which positions her program in the top 1% of Kindermusik schools worldwide.

Rita brings her love of music and young children together in her Kindermusik and Keyboard classes offered at Beacon Heights Church in Independence, Missouri and Paradise Park in Lee's Summit, Missouri. The Musik Connection is on the growing edge of the newest musical curriculum using state-of-the-art equipment to advance and enhance the learning process. Rita believes that all children should have the opportunity to feel the success that comes when musical instruction creates a foundation that makes a “connection” between life, learning, and a love for music.

Kindermusik Background [view PDF version]

The Musik Connection is located in Independence, Missouri and Lee's Summit, Missouri. Rita Hawley Scherer founded this program in 1985 and continues to direct one of the most successful licensed Kindermusik and Keyboard programs in the country. She has recently been recognized for outstanding service. Out of 5,000 Kindermusik teachers worldwide, Rita is one of twelve to achieve a Master Teacher Certification. There are currently 180 children enrolled in the program that offers all levels of Kindermusik and Keyboard lessons.


Kindermusik believes every child is musical and that parents are children’s most important teachers. That’s why Kindermusik programs involve children and their parents in activities, music, movement and more. Parents are also supplied with home materials to make music and learning part of their family time together.

Kindermusik curricula are developmentally appropriate, so the music – in both tonality, pace, rhythm and song is suitable to each stage of development. Appropriate movement, cognitive, language and emotional development are incorporated into all Kindermusik classes and activities.

Kindermusik has carefully sought out leading professionals from various related disciplines such as speech and language, reading, child psychology, movement, dance and neurology in the creation of our programs. We help these experts connect with musicians, early childhood specialists and educators to create our unique program. Our research and development is on going.


Kindermusik is the world’s leading music and movement program for children from birth through seven years of age, and their parents. In over 35 countries around the world licensed educators are using Kindermusik’s rigorously researched, developmentally appropriate curricula, CDs, books, instruments, games, posters and activities to bring the joy of music to children’s lives.


More than 25 years ago, Dan Pratt, a singer, college professor and higher education administrator became a founder of Kindermusik International. From his back porch in upstate New York to a 45,000-square-foot headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, Dan has seen his passion for Kindermusik grow from four educators to over 5000 Kindermusik educators who now are touching the lives of more than 1.5 million families with small children.

Kindermusik Facts [view PDF version]


  • For 18 years Rita Hawley Scherer, director of The Musik Connection has been enriching the lives of children and parents with an innovative music and movement program that nurtures the cognitive, emotional, language, social, physical and musical development of children and involves families in the joy of their children’s musical learning.

  • For children, from newborn to seven years, and their parents. Kindermusik provides unique child-centered educational classes and materials to take home for the fun and learning to continue every day.

  • For children over the age of seven, piano and keyboard lessons continue to develop and to shape the musical mind, enhancing math, science, and social skills. Music makes a “connection” between life and learning.

  • The Musik Connection launches three new community outreach programs for 2003: Village with Seniors, KIDS Nature Club, and KIDS Club Choir.

International and Local Scope

  • As the world leader in music and movement programs for young children, Kindermusik has reached more than one million children and parents and continues to expand annually.

  • More than 5,000 licensed Kindermusik educators in 37 countries offer Kindermusik classes using the specially created Kindermusik curricula, music and books produced by Kindermusik.

  • Of those 5,000 teachers, Rita Scherer is 1 of 12 teachers worldwide who have been honored with a Master Teacher Certification.

  • In 1985, Mrs. Scherer had the largest first year Kindermusik enrollment nationwide and has since touched the lives of over 2,000 young musicians, many of them driving over an hour each way to study music with The Musik Connection.

The Musik Connection - Kindermusik and Keyboards

  • Independence, Missouri and Lee's Summit, Missouri

  • Founded in 1985

  • Currently 180 children enrolled

  • The winter/spring semester begins September 8. Classes being offered this session are Village, newborns to 18 months; Our Time, 18 months to 3 years; Imagine That!, 3 to 5 years; Young Child, 5 to 7 years; Piano/Keyboard, 7 and above.

  • Morning and evening classes are available Monday through Friday.

  • Village with Seniors, KIDS Nature Club, and a KIDS Club Choir are new programs being offered for outreach in the community.

The Musik Connection Staff

  • The Musik Connection is directed by Rita Hawley Scherer who graduated with honors from Kansas University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Piano. She has taught class and private piano at Kansas University and Baker University. Mrs. Scherer is one of twelve teachers to receive her Master Teacher Certification out of 5,000 Kindermusik teachers worldwide. Trained in the most advanced schools of thought, the effects of music on child development and the use of electronic equipment in teaching, Rita continues to direct one of the most successful licensed Kindermusik and Keyboard programs.

  • Other staff members contracted and licensed to teach Kindermusik and Keyboard lessons are Amy Wiley and Kathy Wintermeyer.

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Rita Scherer
(816) 795-0777

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